I' NGA Secret Magic Cover Cushion

  • MSG (Make Style and Go) Featured Item
  • Secret Cover Cushion
  • Made with 43% Hot Springs Water
  • Fragrance Free
  • All natural, The cruelty free formula does not contain fillers or harmful fragrances, dyes, parabens

1. Has a Must coverage feature added to the I'NGA Cushion

2. Made with 43% Hot Springs Water, which cools your skin and has a extra moisture touch effect when applied to your skin

3. Only takes 30 seconds to do your face makeup with the I'NGA Cushion

4. Doesn't have lifting effect and no darkening. Stays on your skin without clogging your pores. 

5. Whitens, helps with wrinkles, protect your skin from UV Rays. Stay protected and beautiful with I'NGA Cushion. 

People call it the Addiction Cushion in Korea, as people in Korea cannot help but continue using this cushion and only this. Made with all natural ingredients, so its NATURAL! But does the work for you!

Avialable Colors: #21 Light Beige

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I' NGA Secret Magic Cover Cushion

التوصيل: من 2-3 أيام

  • الشركة : INGA
  • رقم المنتج : INGA-P00000DM
  • حالة التوفر : متوفر
  • 175 AED
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