Girlactik F-0 Tinted Moisturize

A Tinted Moisturizer can add so much to your skin. Girlactik’s Skin Tint Moisturizer comes in 6 shades ranging from F-Zero being fair to F-6 being dark. The Skin Tint Moisturizer applies evenly on your skin allowing your canvas to look healthy and radiant with a nice coverage that is flawless! The Skin tint moisturizer is in between a tint and a foundation.

Skin Tinted MoisturizerGives medium coverage and not heavy
ConsistencyEasily blendable with a light texture
ApplicationSkin looks and feels hydrated
Antioxidants: Green and White TeaAnti-aging
Water ResistantStays on and locks in make-up for all day wear
Vitamin EMoisturizing
Vegetable Squalane, Olive OilAn important key to naturally healthy skin
Rose Water FragranceSmells good

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Girlactik F-0 Tinted Moisturize

التوصيل: من 2-3 أيام

  • رقم المنتج : GK02110
  • حالة التوفر : متوفر
  • 100 AED

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